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Meetings of the Board of Directors and General assembly of ACS were held

On April 27 – 28, 2015, in the ACS’s main office in Brasilia, were held the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Assembly of the Company. At the meetings, among other matters, were approved the Annual Report on Activities and Financial Statements of ACS for 2014, Opinions of the Independent and Internal Audits of the company, as well as the amount of remuneration of the ACS’s management until March 2016.

The Board of Directors sent a Note to the General Assembly requesting the latter to discuss the necessity of a decision of the Governments of both countries to continue implementation of the Cyclone-4 Project and settlement of the existing debt of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) to ACS. At the meeting of the General Assembly, Mr. Oleh Uruskyi, President of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, official representative of the Ukrainian Party, confirmed the intention of Ukraine to continue implementation of the Project and requested the Brazilian Party to inform the Ukrainian Party about its official position regarding continuation of the Cyclone-4 Project implementation.

01/31/2018: On January 31, 2018, the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine, the Hero of Ukraine, the President of Aerospace Association of Ukraine, the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and to Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine - Leonid Kadenyuk passed away